Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Richard Gere Dances with Indian Sex Workers

Leave it to the American Gigolo himself to reach out to thousands of prostitutes in a dusty fairground in Mumbai.

"No condom, no sex. No condom, no sex. No condom, no sex," Gere hollered into a microphone as about 10,000 prostitutes gathered at a dusty Mumbai fairground joined him in chorus.

The actor, dressed in a brown jacket and black trousers, presented awards to sex workers in recognition of their work on various HIV/AIDS intervention programs.

"This is unfathomable. This will not happen in the U.S. or Europe, or even in Asia."

The United Nations' says 5.7 million Indians are living with HIV/AIDS, the world's largest caseload. Many of those infected are prostitutes.

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How can you not love a guy like that!


Seriously. How long can two people sling shit?

"Well, he's at it again," said O'Donnell, referring to a letter written to her by Trump and reported Tuesday by the media. The letter said Walters had told him that working with O'Donnell on ABC's "The View" is like "living in hell."

"That poor, pathetic man," said Walters, drawing whoops of approval from her TV audience. The co-hosts didn't mention him by name, referring to Trump as "he" and "that guy."

An e-mail from The Associated Press seeking comment from Trump wasn't immediately answered Wednesday. But TV show "The Insider" said a statement from Trump said, "They didn't even have the courage to mention me by name. It was sad to see Barbara read her statement off a cue card."

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Enough already! We're tired of hearing about who's fat, who's ugly and who has hair that defies explanation. Can't we all just get along?

Oh wait, this way is better for ratings right? Carry on then.

Feed the Fish While You do Your Business?

At the Aquarium

Home renovators looking to bring life to the smallest room in their home now have the chance -- with a toilet that doubles as an aquarium. The Fish 'n Flush is a clear two-piece toilet tank that replaces a standard toilet tank, with a see-through aquarium wrapping itself around a conventional toilet tank.

I don't know about you, but I'd never be able to pee with that many eyes on me.

Not Hot

Nope. Not one bit.

Woman Earns $180k With Flour Filled Condoms

Woman settles case over flour filled condoms

PHILADELPHIA (Reuters Life!) - A U.S. college student imprisoned for three weeks for trying to take flour-filled condoms onto an airplane has settled her lawsuit against Philadelphia for $180,000, a city spokesman said on Friday.

Janet Lee, 21, a student at Bryn Mawr College in Pennsylvania, was arrested at Philadelphia International Airport in 2003 after police and security officials thought the flour was an illegal drug.

The condoms, which are sometimes used to smuggle drugs, were a joke among the students, and Lee was taking them home to Los Angeles.

Her civil rights case against Philadelphia, which had been set to go to trial on Thursday, was settled for $180,000.

I'm guessing there'll be a few copycats on this one!

Good Samaritan - 62 Years Later

Man's Wallet Returned After 62 Years

Ray Heilwagen has his wallet back, 62 years after he lost it in France during World War II. Stephen Breitenstein's father, who also served in France during World War II, recently died. Digging through his father's possessions — ironically on Veteran's Day — Stephen Breitenstein found the old wallet. He figured his dad found it during the war and brought it home, hoping to find the owner. Not knowing how to do so, he left it in a drawer for more than six decades.

Using the Internet, Breitenstein tracked down Heilwagen. After their phone conversation, he mailed the wallet to him.

As for Breitenstein, "I was impressed that a stranger would go to such trouble to locate me and return my wallet," Heilwagen said.

I would have removed the French Francs first. And then asked for a reward.

Colorado Woman Selling Snow on eBay

Colorado Woman Selling Snow on eBay

File this under 'shit I wish I'd thought of first'.

Call it a winter sale. Jim and Mary Walker are selling snow on eBay. Starting bids were holding steady Friday at 99 cents for samples from "Blizzard I and Blizzard II." How much snow 99 cents or whatever the winning bid gets depends. Walker's auction notice suggests avoiding shipping and handling charges by stopping by their home and picking it up in a dump truck.

So if you can't drive to Colorado and fetch it yourself, how exactly will it be delivered?

Chris Hansen of Milford, Conn., is shelling out $200 to buy three snowballs made from real Colorado powder.

Chris, honey, for $600 I'll send you a soggy cardboard box in the mail too!